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e-commerce solutions

Professional e-commerce solutions combine merchandising, shopping experience, customer management, and system integration on a technical platform with a graphical user interface. Successful e-commerce relies on trust. This is what ServiceLink can provide you, with an excellent design and proven technology.

Whether the online store is offering T-shirts or machine tools, music or tickets for self printing, we realize online shopping for the whole gamut of products. And we make sure that these e-shops provide an attractive shopping experience for business and private customers. our e-commerce solutions assure that you, as a provider, have an efficient processing of sales.

It does not matter whether t-shirts or machine tools are sold, subscription music or tickets for self printing. ServiceLink builds online shops using the individual functions that always form an integrated system as a whole.

A key element in e-commerce solutions is a secure online payment system. Whether by credit card, mobile phone, cash on delivery or prepayment - ServiceLink provides reliable payment functionality.

Via personalization, amount limits for payment, differentiation of new customers, individual discounts and rates as well payment restrictions and credit checks for each customer group can be defined.