e-commerse solutions

Professional e-commerce solutions combine merchandise presentation, shopping experience, customer management and system integration on a technical platform with a graphical user interface. Successful e-commerce is based on trust. This is what ServiceLink can offer with good design and proven technology.

ServiceLink implements e-shops or online stores that offer an attractive shopping experience for business and private customers. For suppliers, this enables efficient handling of the sales process.

It doesn't matter whether T-shirts or machine tools are sold, music by subscription or tickets to print yourself. Because ServiceLink builds online stores individually from individual functions, which as a whole always form an integrated system.

Secure online payment systems are a central element of e-commerce solutions. Whether by credit card, cell phone, cash on delivery or prepayment - ServiceLink ensures reliable payment transactions.

Personalization can be used to define limits for payment types, differentiation of new customers, individual discounts and prices, as well as payment restrictions and credit checks for each customer group.